Chad Miller saying goodbye to his boys as he begins a second shift to help during the recent fires.


As a visionary and early adapter, Chad Miller earned a bachelors of science degree from Georgia State University in Atlanta, setting the stage for a career in public service. In his role as Medford City Council member, Chad will incorporate his life-long standards of excellence, personal and professional ethics, and spirit of tenacity to establish and encourage healthy habits of cohesion and cooperation.


Chad is well known for his ability to listen, process, and apply exceptional critical thinking skills to issues, situations, and circumstances. He is a people person who enjoys the process of creating and implementing strategies that benefit individuals and groups. As a Sheriff’s Deputy for the Corrections Department, Chad’s focus is on safety, continuity, and consensus as he interacts with colleagues, inmates and outside resources.


Eleven years at the Sheriff’s Office has given Chad firsthand knowledge of critical matters within the county. It’s with this understanding, and his role as a concerned citizen, that Chad feels called to the Medford City Council. He is passionate about ensuring a safer community, providing affordable housing opportunities, and promoting economic growth and jobs so that Medford continually draws the best of the best to Southern Oregon.


As a dedicated husband and father, Chad offers connection and teamwork when solving issues and making necessary change. Chad believes in creating a legacy for his sons, and all future generations, by modeling the importance of sharing his time, energy, and passion with his community. 

Caring, Committed, Concerned – Vote for Chad Miller, Medford City Council WARD 3