“Chad is dedicated to our community.
He is a professional law enforcement officer, a loyal family man,
and he volunteers his time as a youth basketball coach.
He has the experience, balanced perspective,
and desire to further enhance the city of Medford.”
-Sheriff Nate Sickler


The fires that have brought devastation to our community have made my determination to take Medford to the next level of preparedness even fiercer. I toured Talent and Phoenix. This has to be stopped from ever happening again.

My plans and strategies include laser attention on the Bear Creek Greenway. It must be managed better. It must be the bright spot in Medford’s recreational life that it was meant to be not a vessel of fear. Together with the Builders Association of Southern Oregon (BASO) and the Chamber of Commerce, I’ve been investigating safe, economic, and environmentally friendly ways to ensure the Greenway is a place where native spices can thrive, but not be a threat to our homes and our lives.

There is not a moment to lose in calling on state representatives, senators, and the Oregon Congressional delegation to pursue any and all resources including funding to address this disaster. There is not a moment to lose in helping those who have lost everything with their immediate needs and legal and insurance guidance. There is not a moment to lose in starting to rebuild homes, businesses, and lives. 

I have a front-row seat to the role that drug addiction and mental health problems play in the homeless population. I’ve built relationships with local officials, housing nonprofits, and other service providers. My expertise working with this segment of the population will serve the city as we address homelessness. 

To lift people out of crime, Medford needs enough affordable places to live. Individuals and families are struggling to find adequate housing in Medford. I am dedicated to working with other elected leaders to navigate Oregon’s complex land use laws and provide plentiful and affordable housing for all Medford residents.

Another important tool for lifting up our community is having important jobs for everyone to do. Being a safe, affordable city encourages high-quality businesses to invest here. Healthy economic growth at the city level is the key to improved quality of life at the family level.

Over a decade ago, my wife and I decided Medford is the perfect place to raise our family. We are committed to giving back to the community that has given us so much.

As a law enforcement officer, every day I experience the many ways our city excels as well as being involved in the complex issues we face. Medford is an exceptional place with a rich history and a bright future. I am committed to working will you in building upon that history and ensuring that bright future is safeguarded for you and your children.